Indoor Market : North Market, Columbus

I love farmer’s markets!  In Iowa they won’t start up again until May, but while in Ohio this week I got the chance to visit the North Market indoor market with family.  Though the weather was nice enough to be outside the main attractions were inside.


Rise and shine at the North Market.



Little L loved the flowers.



Next we were on to ‘Destination Donuts’.  There were some hard choices to make.



A large Lavender doughnut ball and Nutella Chocolate doughnut were shared by our entire party.



The pretzel booth was also a big hit for us.



Definitely not a low carb day.

Though not shown here, we also enjoyed a black bean chili, a local mixed mushroom  & shallot quiche, along with an organic kale salad filled with spelt berries, walnuts, cranberries with thyme and lemon dressing  from the ‘Little Eater’.

What an enjoyable morning.  Looking forward to our own markets back home in the coming months.

Happy Sunday!




Storage : Orange you happy?

As we start out the month of March, and we’re all a ready for Spring but everything outside is still brown and dreary, it’s time for some color on the inside.  Nothing can brighten the day more than a little bit of  orange.  Mix that with your winter organization strategy and get double bang for your buck.

Enter a caption

I love how they have added orange to the inside of this cabinet’s cubby holes.  The contrast with the white practically jumps out at you. via



Another orange storage solution would be to paint a pair of old file cabinets and top off with a slab of granite or other hard surface top.  I don’t know anyone that likes filing away docs, but this option would put a smile on anyone’s face, at least for a minute. via

Frank Sinatra always said “Orange is the happiest color”.

Soon tag sales will be in full swing and opportunities for picking up new found items looking for a fresh coating of paint will abound.  Maybe this year you’ll pick orange. That’s my plan.


Vignettes : I was framed

Want to make an impact?  Fill a wall with multiple pieces of framed art.


It’s good if your vignette has a theme.  Here it’s classical art and architecture.  The pieces should be various sizes and don’t need the same color of frame, but like these, there needs to be a consistency.  For this wall, all the pieces are matted, letting your eye flows easily.  via



In this grouping the frames mirror the wood details of the love seat for continuity.  via



This one fascinates me.  They have taken it to the extreme and I love it!  The layering, the height!  Not many homes could accommodate this installation including mine, but it has set the bar high.  via

Much like my Collections blog last week, this gives you the opportunity to show off the things you like to the world, or for you to enjoy every time you pass by.  This is another chance to get your loves out of the closet and out to enjoy every day.

Do you have a wall waiting for some attention?

Styling Consoles : Collections

Last blog was about using lamps on consoles, but sometimes electrical outlets are not available so today’s will be sans lamps. The focus is about styling, using objects you love.


How do you know what to do?  I like to use repetition.  The bright yellow ginger jars do that here.  They are different sizes for interest but provide continuity even in this small space. Books and trays are always good for layering. The satin silver of the horse head and frames also add consistency. via



Another idea is to go extreme repetition.  Do you have something you collect?  Don’t spread it throughout the house, one here, one there, gather them all together is one place to create a focal point that won’t be missed. This one is globes.  The various colors and sizes work perfectly here.  via



What do you collect?  I like shells and anything else from the sea.  These coral pieces on lucite bases, again using books for layering, have a simple, fresh look.  The orange book covers add a little ‘pop’ of color to catch your eye. via

Styling your home does not need to put a dent in your budget.  What do you love, what do you have around the house?  Gather them up, arrange so that there are different heights layering books to get it just the right.  If your books are not display ready, cover them like the orange ones above.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to take a tour of your home to see what you have that say’s ‘you’.  Maybe you didn’t know what to do with them, now you do. Have fun.


Consoles : Lamps

More consoles this blog, this time with a focus on the role a lamp can play.


Sophisticated describes this vignette. The black lamp provides shadow patterns that play beautifully on the shiny surfaces.  If there is an outlet available, I would always include a lamp.  Love it all!    via



If one lamp is a good thing, two are even better.  I have always been a huge proponent of symmetry.  In my own home I have five pairs of matching lamps.  Balance for me is very calming.  via




Lamps can also be a unique focal point.  This mirrored and gold one here will not be found just anywhere and adds instant interest.

As I review this blog, besides the lamps, I’m noticing another common theme that was not intentional, black and white.  Like my paired lamps obsession, I love the mix of black and white, also everywhere in my own home.  via

More to come next blog…

Vignettes : Consoles

This time of year I like to take a look around my house to see what I might ‘freshen’ up.  This blog I’m showing some of my Pinterest inspirations.  Console vignettes are a great place to start.  You can create an instant focal point without having to redo a whole room.


The clean lines of this white console along with the black, white and neutral accents are exactly my personal style.  The Buddha and Bonsai add interest.  Did you notice the elephant parade through the high rise buildings art piece?  How fun!  Goes to show elegant doesn’t have to be too serious.  via



This vignette is more traditional.  The detail on the chest is so beautiful!  It’s topped with a modern vase filled with white roses, what looks to be a tea light, and large bowl atop an antiques book. This is a great example of placement perfection, not too much, just right.  The contemporary art keeps it from being too fussy.   via MILIEU MAG.COM



Afraid of color?  An orange chest is certainly a commitment.  Could you do this?  It’s the most modern of the looks shown today.  They have used a very unique lamp as a focal point which I like.  Here too they’ve used a book in the layering of objects.  via Interior Design Ideas for Home Decor magazine

What do all three vignettes have is common?  Monochromatic art work.  As an artist myself, I am a true proponent of the impact that art has on any room.

What’s the lesson here?  Changing the look of a room doesn’t have to be a big undertaking.  Working one wall at a time allows you to make changes at an easy, manageable pace.

More to come in my next blog…



Fireplaces : Part III Saving the Best for Last

I’m still on my fireplace kick.  If only the snow would melt, perhaps I could move on.


via DigsDigs

I think this is the most luxurious of all I’ve posted.  I love everything about it, the classic  mantel, large hearth with room to cozy up with pillows, a huge throw, wine and real wood!  The combination of rustic wood and elegant mirror above the mantel just make this one my perfect fantasy fireplace post.

Even with a foot of snow predicted for this Tuesday, I will try to move on to another topic next post.  We’ll see.

It’s Still Cold Outside : Fireplaces II

It’s still cold here but I am very happy we’re not getting all the snow happening out East.  Looks like another good weekend to stay in close to the fireplace with a cup of cocoa, tea, or glass of wine.  I’ll be sharing more great fireplaces to get you in the mood.


I love this super sleek modern look.  Maybe not the coziest, perhaps the glass of wine by the fire option.  via



This beautiful, elegant Belgian design mantel is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  via



What a unique screen, who would have thought twigs?  It’s amazing the creative options that are available now.  This screen was found at Neiman Marcus.

Hope you’ll be staying warm this weekend.  I know my fireplace will going all day long.

Baby it’s cold outside : Cozy by the fire

I don’t know where you live but at my house right now, the outside temp is 1 degree, with the wind chills in the negative range.  It’s a good day to stay at home close by the fire, all cozy cozy.  Today’s blog has a fireplace for every style.


The straight lines of this mantel could be used with many styles.  I love how tall it is and the circular mirror above, making it quite the focal point.  via Decozilla



This look is eclectic.  There are elements of traditional with the chairs, chandelier and fireplace face.  Add to that, collected art and books atop a modern rug for a warm, beautiful esthetic.  via Housetohome



This might be more your idea of ‘cozy by the fire’, a couple of large knitted cushions on the floor with some hot beverages.



For me, marble has always been the gold standard of fireplaces. Very modern here.  What a fun chair!  via

I love all of these. More to come in my next blog.  For now, wishing you a warm and cozy day.


New Year : Time to Toss?

This is the time of the year for resolutions.  What a perfect time to evaluate all our stuff, or at least some of it.  I am not by any stretch of the imagination a hoarder, most people probably think I’m quite neat. But behind closed closet doors there hides items that I haven’t used since moving in 4 years ago. I wonder if others like me, keep things for ‘just in case’.  I have a big family and apparently I think that at some point in time all of them will come at once to spend the night at my house and for some reason we’ll need to change the sheets on all the beds  and sofas in the middle of the night so we need spares on hand for all.  Today I came to the realization that any of those scenarios are unlikely.  So large bags are loaded with sheets and ready to head off to their new temporary home at Goodwill.  I will set them free in hopes of making room for something new, I just don’t know what yet.

This is my first post with no photos.  I need to clean up those too.